Message from Chairman
Prof. Dr. Shams Raza Brohi
Chairman Department of Neuro Surgery
We are highly honored for hosting the Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeon's, 31st Annual Conference at Peoples University of medical and health sciences for women, Nawabshah, it promotes Neurosurgical activity in peripheral and remote areas of the country. We have planned to take advantage of this conference to facilitate the neurosurgical research and expertise in women, so we have dedicated one session for women in Neurosurgery (WINS). A separate workshop has been designed for Neuro Nurses Training.

We are arranging three workshops:

1.    Neuropathic Pain    (November 23rd, 2018)
i.    Gasserian Ganglion radio frequency ablation for trigeminal Neuralgia
ii.    Lumbar Transforaminal block for unilateral lumber radiculopathy
iii.    Lumbar Facet and Medial block for facet arthropathy

2.    Neurovascular    (November 24th, 2018)

Part didactic, part hands on - that reviews the most common Vascular Abnormalities, including endovascular and open craniotomy vascular procedures. Aims and Objectives of this workshop are to review the fundamental concepts of current Neurovascular Field.

3.    Neuro - Nurses Training    (November 24th, 2018)
Care of Patient with neurology deficit and Neurosurgical intervention

4.    Lumbosacral Pedicle Screw Fixation:    (November 24th, 2018)
It involves practical hands on training of Pedicle Screw Placement under the guidance of Senior Neurosurgeons
This will promote understandings and skills in post graduates and young neurosurgeons under the supervision of senior skilled Neurosurgeons.
Indus hospitality will INSHA ALLAH be remembered. We will make the stay of all the delegates comfortable and enjoyable. The excursion to historical place "RANI KOT" equivalent to Chinese great wall will be an adventure and memorable. There is no security concern and whole districts and divisional administration has promised for full cooperation.
Vice Chancellor of the PUMHSW is highly praised for facilitation of this whole conference. I am thankful to my Patrons and Senior Professors for their encouragement and guidance. I am especially thankful to President of Pakistan Society of Neurosurgery, Prof. Mumtaz Ali and In-coming President Prof. Salman Sharif.

We are waiting to meet you all with full enthusiasm.

Sincerely yours.

Prof. Shams Raza Brohi                                                       
Chairman and Professor
Department of Neurosurgery
PUMHSW, Nawabshah
Sindh, Pakistan
Contact No. +92 321 3207376

Department of Neuro Surgery-Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences For Women- Nawabshah-Shaheed Benazirabad

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Pakistan Society NeuroSurgeons -31st Annual Conference