Message from Sr. Vice President
Prof. Salman Sharif
President, Middle East Spine Society

Dear Friends,
On the auspicious occasion of the Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons' annual meeting, it is my pleasure to extend a cheerful welcome to all my colleagues and friends.
As the incoming President of the Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons, I am confident that all my colleagues participating in this conference will gain a plethora of knowledge which will be beneficial to the future of Pakistan Neurosurgery.
I would like to thank Professor Mumtaz, the outgoing President, as well as his team for their wonderful efforts. I would also like to pay my gratitude to Professor Shams Raza for organizing this meeting in Nawabshah. I wish him and his team all the best.
This year, we have to work very hard to improve the standards of our neurosurgical training and what we provide to our patients. The future is bright and lies with all the young neurosurgeons. We must nurture them and support them in being the best. We at PSN remain passionately committed to these objectives.
May Allah be with us. Amen
Department of Neuro Surgery-Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences For Women- Nawabshah-Shaheed Benazirabad

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Pakistan Society NeuroSurgeons -31st Annual Conference
Sr. Vice President Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons
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